Top Ten Good Guys That Are Bad (or Antiheroes) | The Completionist

This week on the Completionist, Jirard gives his picks that Good Guys that are Bad...goodbad...bagood? Subscribe: Support Our Patreon:

Run a thieves’ guild in a gas-lit underworld. Antihero is a fast-paced strategy game with an (Oliver) Twist. Recruit urchins, hire thugs, kit out your master thief, upgrade your guild… and bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your opposition. A turn-based multiplayer strategy game about running a thieves' guild. Antihero is all about short play sessions with super-interesting decisions. Recruit street urchins, hire gangs, steal everything - and bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your way to victory. Hone your skills against the AI, play online with the Antihero community, or share a PC with a friend in the offline hotseat multiplayer mode.

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